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The secret to an organization’s success is, well, organization.

Be it a small non-profit, a club, a charitable trust or a anything else in between, you want to have the ability to handle and organize your members efficiently. After all, what exactly are you without your members, the people who’ve come together under a singular cause, interest or intent. They’re your company’s heart, and we constantly need to take care of our hearts. So whether you would like to charge them their dues or for events, keep them informed or generally make sure everything’s okay, you’ll need help.

You can do it yourself, but if you can find some top-notch help, why not say yes?

Even though there’s multiple products out there that do the same thing, we believe that Wild Apricot is an exception. We’ll take you through the software, its attributes, its pro’s and cons, and it’s pricing as we discuss why we believe Wild Apricot should you and your organization’s top pick.

Without further ado, let’s get to it, yeah?


What is Wild Apricot? Wild Apricot Contact Info

In its core, Wild Apricot is a tool that handles memberships for a business It is a cloud-based management solution ideal for organizations, professional associations, communities, clubs and non-profits.

It is you one-stop solution for managing everything about your members, from exploring and maintaining a database, to funds and events. Through this program, you can easily communicate with your members, send out mass emails and it can even make things like registration super simple.

Don’t feel intimidated as this software was designed to not be intimidating for first timers as signing up is actually simple.

The benefit of owning a membership management software on your side isn’t strictly confined to the actual management of your current members. You could even use this to spread influence to entice new people to join you.

And the more you have, the better?

As a platform that’s friendly even to those people who are not exactly tech-savvy, It may also be used for other functions that we can enter when we dig into what it does and how it does it.

The Features: Membership Administration

Wild Apricot’s top feature is, of course, its member management.

A lot of things can be used with ease due to the simplicity of the system Apart from the simple contact database that includes the fundamentals — keeping tabs on members and donors — you can use tags to look for very specific things within your database.

Want to know who’s been truant when it comes to meetings? Who is paid and who has not? Using the custom queries that can be linked into the system, solving that would be simple Taking it a step further, you can take this information and send a customized group email to just particular tagged people, without needing to annoy or bother those that aren’t concerned with your precise reminders. This is especially important as data like this will help you make decisions about how to run your business and lead it to success.

You can even create public-facing pages for non-members, and special pages for members, allowing them to access members-only pages. Examples would be member directories, member renewals, newsletters and specific content for newbies.

Wild Apricot also has an event coordination feature which lets you promote, offer discounts or even remind people to come to an event. There’s even a way for you to remind participants of a multi-session event about it on a regular basis, throughout the event duration. Wild Apricot Contact Info

Wild Apricot Contact Info

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The Features: Templates, Email Campaigns and Widgets

When you begin, Wild Apricot automatically creates basic webpages, an event calendar and even a membership application form for you using a series of templates.

Another particularly good thing is the way the templated pages of Wild Apricot are smart enough to adapt and scale to whatever screen they’re being viewed on. They even introduced a few fully responsive website themes and templates that are worth checking out.

Email Campaigns is another essential feature of theirs that’s particularly useful. You can send an unlimited quantity of emails to every membership level. You’re even empowered to set who you’ll send emails to — whether it’s a very specific group of people within your organization or literally everyone. This offers good control in your campaigns and helps you persuade the people who are actually interested.

You can even figure out if the email’s been opened, read, or generated a reply — all of which are very useful data.

Another cool aspect is Wild Apricot’s ability to embed Widgets to other websites — such as, for instance, calendars or membership applications. So lets say you have a site on WordPress, you can show off the occasion you’re managing on it.

If ever you need help or need to learn more about it, their support forum is extremely helpful.

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Is the Price Crazy?

So with all that prepared for you, what will it cost to be able to use Wild Apricot?

It is pretty fair, all things considered.

For starters, it does not include any setup charges, and you can use it for free if you only need about 50 slots for contacts in your organization, with just 1 administrator. If your organization is rather modest, then this deal isn’t exactly that bad.

Let’s just emphasize that: It’s FREE.

Got that? Good!

So let’s get into the paid tiers.

For the $40 tier, you get up to 250 contacts and five admins and at the $70 a month tier, this goes up to 500 contacts and 10 admins. There’s a Professional Plan that costs $130 per month, and will allow one 2000 contacts and up to 25 admins.

That’s a really good option if your group is really on the rise and growing.

If you are a large enterprise or multinational looking into a different level of member management, then there is the Network tier. It will cost $240 per month and will include 5,000 contacts and an infinite amount of admins.

If you need to go bigger, then the next tier you need to consider is the Network Tier. At an extra $30, coming out at $270 a month, the Enterprise Tier allows you 15,000 contacts and unlimited admins. With that being their greatest tier, it should be more than enough even for the larger groups and companies in the world. It is called the Network tier for a reason after all.

As a nice little bonus, you can get a 10 percent discount if you pay annual and, in the event you qualify, you will find quantity pricing discounts for organizations with a lot of different chapters. Wild Apricot even offers an APIT — application programming interface — that will let your company that can automatically retrieve or update date stored in their database.

Let’s say you want to update your organization’s information with new details such as who has paid and who hasn’t, now you can. Another added bonus, making what you are paying (or not paying if you’re company is less than 50 people) well worth it. Wild Apricot Contact Info


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Is Wild Apricot The Right Choice For You?

Wild Apricot understands the role it can and should play in your life, and that’s one of its greatest strengths.

Wild Apricot has a great deal to offer the ones that choose to use it. It acknowledges the fact that organizations, clubs and even enterprises need a well-built website that allows for membership management. More than just being a website builder, a program that could provide useful widgets, terrific design templates and was created to be user friendly, even for people that are coding deficient — it’s a time saver.

When time is not just money, but life, automation can make management a hell of a lot easier. Your admins and managers, or just that individual in the mirror, will thank you for saying yes to it. After all, every little thing that can make something as challenging as being a leader and a manager, a tad bit easier can go a long way.

Database management becomes a breeze, supervisors can see member records and track info, donations can be easier managed — these and so much more simply imply time and effort has been stored, without needing to sacrifice anything else. Proper management of data, after all, can make a huge impact for any big business.

Of course there are other solutions out there that can do some of the same things that Wild Apricot can, but through research we’re sure you’ll realize what makes it so special. There’s an ideal fit there somewhere. However, let us just say that, when it comes to membership-based website for organizations such as churches, clubs, Non-profit organizations and associations, Wild Apricot is your best bet.

It’ll work for larger companies and enterprises, but it’s not its perfect fit.

So if you need a platform that help you create membership websites that’ll help handle your group or business, and even grow it, one that is easy to use and allows you to create flexible and beautiful website then this is your solution.

More time, it’s a simple gift that Wild Apricot can offer, that can do so much for your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions Wild Apricot Contact Info

Q: Can you try it for Free?

A: Yes! There’s a free trial available for those interested. Here is a quick video by Wild Apricot regarding their free trial:

Q: If my free trial expires, what happens to my account? Am I automatically signed up for Wild Apricot?

A: Of sorts. After 30 days, your trial plan will be downgraded to the free version that is advertisement-supported.

Q: Are Wild Apricot Webinars normally recorded?

A: Yes, they are all recorded. If you registered for the event and couldn’t go, an internet version of the class will visit you.


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