LG Spectrum with Verizon 4G LTE

lg-spectrumLG has just inaugurated its flagship Smartphone Spectrum with the carrier Verizon. The question is whether this device offers anything new that is unique to Spectrum. We have seen launches of other Smart phones rather similar to LG Spectrum supporting 4G LTE such as LG Nitro HD with the carrier AT&T, and LG Optimus LTE with Bell. The technical specifications of this device are quite good with 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 4GB internal storage with 16GB MicroSD support, 1GB RAM, 1,830mAh battery and 4.5-inch IPS display. The physical measurement of the handset is 5.33 to 2.71 inches with a sleek look .41 inch widths. The retail price of the device is listed for $199 with two-year service from Verizon.

Even though some users share their experience regarding the Spectrum as a quite attractive device, I personally donít agree with them. Truly speaking the design of the Spectrum is very simple and many users may find it boring. LG has tried to present a highly functional Smartphone for business-minded people without working through the intricate details for presenting eye-catching design. So if you are looking for a trendy Smartphone to show off between your friends and making them drooling over your phone, then Spectrum is not for you. Although, the phone canít be declared as ugly looking, it's just normal enough to blend into the crowd.

The main attraction of this Smartphone is its high performing 4G LTE speeds, and not the outer look.

Besides the blazing fast speed provided by 4G LTE support, the main selling attraction of Spectrum is the 4.5 inch True HD IPS display. The pre loaded HD trailers for demonstrating its true HD capabilities provide a very thrilling experience, and I have no hesitation to admit that the screens of the Smartphone looked better than my HDTV which I purchased some two years back. The Spectrum presented perfectly crystal clear picture quality in every aspect such as brightness, colors and contrast. The glossy look resulting from the Gorilla Glass coating is very impressive.