CTX PV720A 17" TFT Monitor

I first came to hear about the CTX PV720 through discussion after my review of it's baby brother, the PV520 - since then, and with a touch of research under my belt - I knew I had to get my hands on one and check it out. The PV720 is an 'intermediate' TFT monitor, when compared to the entire (international) range of CTX TFT offerings, both in terms of features and in the units actual screen size. At a true 17" however (equivalent to a 19" conventional CRT monitor), it's the largest stylish CTX display you're going to source in Europe and the UK, short of shipping one over from the United States. Skipping back a few tracks, to those of you that recall my PV520 review - one of my major quarrels was that at 15", with a 1024x768 resolution, the display just wasn't practical for my every day use. Now, some might say that 1024 is ample - but in my line of work, games (the playing of!) and web development mainly, frankly it's just too small - especially when you consider you're probably stepping down from a 19" monitor, or more - and you're going to be shelling out the same sort of money. If you're after technical information, I recommend looking over the CTX website, that's what it's there for. Also, you might find reading my PV520 review a good idea, considering the great deal of similarities between the two units - in fact, some areas of this review have been covered only lightly in the knowledge that the PV520 review covers things - there's little point burdening you by reading the same things over and over, now is there? Let's find out if the PV720(A) can cut it, and steal some thunder from the 19" CRT monitor market.