Intel 3.06GHz Processor with HT

Yeah baby! 3GHz is finally here, and Intel is the first to deliver. Whilst AMD may be mucking around actually trying to get anything faster than 2200+ onto shelves (and let's not even get started on their UK PR liason), Intel have well and truly picked up the ball and run with it. In the process, in my opinion, they have done a lot to win back the enthusiast community that, just a year ago, had all but abandoned them. Now, the 3 gig launch has been rather a special one for Bit-Tech. Why? Well, because there was the little matter of...well, let's start from the beginning.

Remember Mashie's Project Anemone? That he took to the CPL in America and promptly won the C3 competition with, netting himself a cool $5000? Well, the sponsors of that competition just happened to be one mega-corporation by the name of Intel. Mashie's case went on display at the ECTS trade show (see our Features section for coverage). When the time came for preparations for the 3Gig launch came around, Intel's UK PR gave me a call, and the conversation went a little something like this...

Intel : "Hi Wil. You guys are into your case-modding right?"
Me : "Darned tootin'. We have some of the best modders in the world right in our very midst. You know that, Mashie won your CPL competition last year."
Intel : "Yeah, I remember, that's why I'm calling. See, we're gearing up to launch our 3 gig chip, and we'd really like an awesome custom case to showcase it in.
Me : "Fantastic. We can sort you out with a custom case no probs. You want a normal case modded, or something custom built?
Intel : "Well we want a case completely custom built around the theme of '3'. Oh, and launch is in a months time, so you'll have to get it to me before then."
Me : "****."

OK, so that wasn't exactly it, but you get the general gist. The mandate was set : a completely custom case for Intel to launch their 3 gig chip. In a month. Oh, and fit in a review of the chip somewhere along the line. I was starting to sweat ... The weeks that followed were a rollercoaster of phone conversations, frantic ICQ and MSN sessions, and an awful lot of cash changing hands. The full course of the project will be charted in a future article, which is being written up as we speak by our very own mawd gawd, the one and only Macroman. But here, I have the pleasure of showing you the final article in its finished form : sitting on a desk as the showcase machine, amongst a bunch of oem blandness. Suffice to say, attention was attracted ;)