S4 Socket A motherboards

What is it : A four-way roundup of socket-A motherboards for modders

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Cases don't need to be beige plastic on a steel frame, fans don't have to be ugly black lumps and even power supplies are allowed a break from the 'grey box' stereotype; it's fair to say the computing world has never looked so good. The days when most new motherboards are green and featureless are over, and today I'm going to be looking at four socket A motherboards which all aim to scream this point at you: The Apogee 7VJL from Chaintech. A KT333 brown/black - yellow colour schemed board which is supplied with more extras than the McLaren F1. Albatron's KX400+. An orange/dark green board based around the KT333 chipset, it promises a plethora of overclocking features. Albatron's KX400-8X. A blue board version of the KX400+, based around the new KT400 chipset. Soyo's KT333 Dragon Ultra (Platinum). A silver KT333 board with an impressive feature list. Without further ado then let me introduce you to the boards, first up Chaintech's offering...